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You know you've hit a low-point in "Truck Life" when...

(A collective experience from the people on our truck)

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…you average one shower every three days and think it’s a great running

…what you thought was your tan washes as soil, dust and grime down the shower drain

…you prefer to pee in the bush than use proper toilets

…you have constant PMS - pre, current and post menstrual cycle

…you become hysterically I’m-gonna-pass-out happy when you hit a campsite with hot running water

…you don’t even smell yours or others’ rancid, stinking, manky, rotten feet anymore

…even your bra and undies have prickles inbedded in them from bush camping

…you are considered totally uncool if you brought a hairstraightener with you

…you are considered totally cool if you brought your head torch with you and even cooler if you regularly wear it as a neck accessory

…you get horrendously cranky if you don’t get your cheap-instant-coffee-and-powder-milk fix by 7am

…you wear three layers of clothing, gloves, socks, beanie, use two sleeping bags and a blanket and you STILL freezing cold at night sleeping in your tent

…eating extraordinarily huge amounts of biscuits, chocolate, crisps, peanuts and crackers at one snack time is considered normal

…you don’t think twice about finishing off the next table’s left over chips in a restaurant - please note - a table of people you don’t even know! (yes..it really happened…Duncan and Antony)

…you would choose to have a shower instead of going on a safari game drive

…vodka made in Mauritius is considered acceptable for human consumption

…you get a fright when you catch your reflection in the mirror

…you buy baby wipes instead of shower gel

…you start fantasising about doing laundry

…you prefer to wear DEET instead of perfume

…you have a hangover five out of seven days and think it’s been a good week

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