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guten morgen Freiburg!

my version of a greeting in german

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hiya! just arrived in freiburg. it is pretty and so quaint. meant to be a student town. the hostel is so bohemian = little bit of bob playing in the background. very relaxed vibe.
my feet are feeling better than yesterday....they were killing me after walking about 11kms in my birkenstock sandles (by the way, i would recommend them to anyone, you may pay a bit extra but totally worth it...come on Lynette give them a try, you will totally suit them but you dont have to wear a skirt with them too!!)DSCN4460.jpg

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The lovely chic ZURICH

My feet hurt!

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So I decided to head to Zurich for a day trip and I was so glad I did it! Zurich is really stunning and although the scenery is stunning, loads of green hills and on a massive lake and the houses and shops look like little cabins, it is also ultra chic, or thats the way i found it.

it was a beautiful day so it was cool to walk round for ages, walked along what i would call Zurichs equivalent of "Central Park" cos it was right at the city centre, but was so green and quiet and sooo many people jogging, cycling and skateboarding. very cool. the people looked great, so well groomed, but some ladies looked to thin...bordering anorexic i would say; or maybe its just those strange few who decide to run in the heat of mid-day, iv never been able to understand those weirdos!

dad...this ones for you = i saw this guy who totally reminded me of you in about 10 years time! he was all by himself out in the park, basking in the sun on a chais long (dont know how to spell it) and he was a bit saggy but all he was wearing was this little speedo!!! and every so often, looking a little eccentric, he would hop up and do a little dance in the open, cold public showers! what a funny old dude...reminded me of you dad!!

then after walking for hours, headed back and walked along the rheine in basel, stunning too. just chilled out with all the other baselian people (yes, i just made that up) along the banks of the rheine. very cool.

so unfortunately the backpackers was a bit lonely. filled with bloody school kids and no backpackers, only people on work conferences (what places do they work for where they cant even afford a simple hotel). english was peoples fourth language or so, so having a conversation was sometimes a bit limiting. heading off to germanys black forest so hopefully will get some more conversation going!

i have to say that although my collar bones are so tender from my backpack straps, my hips are aching, my legs are stiff and my feet hurt....im absolutely loving backpacking again! i am feeling much less stressed, frustrated, irritable, anxious, paranoid, etc etc. and feeling much more chilled out and relaxed and enjoying having fun!! i dont think i realised how stressful it is to pack up and leave a country...i would suggest you try and avoid it like the plague if at all possible!

will upload photos soon...promise.

and to the Glasgow yorkhill ladies...hope the morning tea was great fun and you raised stacks of cash


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Basel aka Bale

sunny 21 °C

helllooo again and thanks for the great comments mands and bob

so i have just arrived in the pretty basel. it is warm and sunny and boy is my backpack far too heavy!!! cant believe im lugging around thermal pajamas, blowup pillow, gadgets and a sleeping bag around europe when i only need the stuff for africa = my back is feeling it!!! but all is good.

had a very relaxing time in luxembourg. as i said before, it definitely is not a party place at all, very beautiful like a fairytale city and also very romantic, but for a single backpacker, its not quite the place to be!!! i had a cool evening though with a funky english girl and we went out for a couple drinks. i say a couple cos as totally budget backpackers we were like 6.60 euro for vodka mixer?? what?? 4 euro for a shot??? so we settled for a pint of beer at 4.80 = cheapest we could get and it was great!! luxembourg is definitely the fine dining sort of place with only about 2 or 3 bars open in the whole of the capital city = crazy!! so go there with your romantic interest and you will love it.

and whats will all the hostels being totally full with school kids on school trips and families and little kids?? i wanted to say...hey you not a real backpackers so get "oot the hoose"!! my scottish coming through

got the train to basel today = all went ok. doing a day trip out to zurich tomorrow.

anyhoo, thats my news for now. will update on amsterdam later!

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AMSTERDAM = fantastic!! LUXEMBOURG = zzzzzzzzz

three days in....

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Hellooooo everzone! zes, all mz y letters will be z letters todaz cos the stupid kezboard is confusing me!!

well, this is mz third daz of travel and i had a fantastic 2 dazs in amsterdam. will upload photos another daz and met great canadian and americans who seem to be taking over europe reallz. it was so unexpected cos i was exhausted after working and trzing to get everzthing organised for leaving the UK and thought that I would be sleeping in the partz citz, and I was thinking that i would be the onlz one sleeping in the entire amsterdam...but no!! one thing lead to another and after doing a couple of tours advertised in the hostel, i met up with some great people and had lots of fun = zaz!! (translated = yay!!) i will give me info later when i upload photos.

now im in luxembourg and boz am i disappointed = it is reallz boring here. so so stunning and looks like a fairztale land and it is prestine and clean and reallz upmarket. but, for an english backpacker, it kinda sucks. cos it is school holidaz and the hostel is bloodz full of small children, families and irritating school kids on their school trips. and the other backpackers here if zou can find them, speak german and french. i have found one english girl = prettz cool and hippz and has shaved head. hopefullz ill go for a drink with her latelz but other than that, i wouldnt reallz recommend it as a backpacker on zour own. i should have rather gone to berlin instead for a bit of life and atmosphere.

well, i am off to basel (pronounced baal as mz mom kindlz pointed out to me!) tomorrow = a northern swiss town that was recommended to me before hand and ill be doing a daz trip out to zurich too.

after that....black forest, lake constanz and munich! zaz AKA yay!!

so next blog i will trz to upload photos but its costing me a fortune on internet (2.50 per half hour) so will keep it short.

chat later!!



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