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Meersburg and Lindau


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so i missed out a few days. last week flew bye in a bit of a blur.
moved from lake titisee to meersburg - caught the ferry across lake konstanz and when i arrived in was freezing and grey and horrible. and i thought oh no! but within about 3 hours it cleared up totally and went with a british dude to a thermal spa that i didnt realise was right on the doorstep of the place i was staying at. this thermal spa wasnt totally a nudie one, there was a nudest section somewhere close bye, outside in the lake itself for the brave naturalists. but i wore my sports training swimming costume and kept my bits securely covered - being the shy saffa!!


then checked out the very quaint place and had a few drinks and just relaxed really. its not a busy 'happening' place but really beautiful.


oh yes...have i told you yet?? iv been eating like a bloody pig lately - VREET VREET VREET!! (aka eating like a barbarian). german food was bread/cheese/cold meat/bread/cheese/cold meat/bread/cheese/cold meat and i could go on! i had one meal at the hostel in titisee and it was goulash with loads of salad and potatoes and lots of extras and i practically inhaled the food - quite embarrassed with myself but it was sooo tasty!

after meersburg, checked out the island town of lindau on the way to munich. very pretty!



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goodbye to titisee

its been cold

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well, iv spent 2 nights here at titisee and although it is stunning here, its been cold and grey which is a pity. the hostel is in a stunning location and it reminds me of what an american camp would look like in the summer. im sure in the summer time with loads of backpackers visiting the hostel it would be buzzing and a great atmosphere. there are lunch benches, table tennis and volleyball outside but its been to quiet and cold to stay outside for a long time though.


iv bought a very cool gorilla tripod for my camera so i can do some shots of myself with my timer which is great because iv been asking loads of strangers to take pics of myself and after a while i get kind of embarrassed really and pose like a stiff idiot!!

the hostel is stacked with more school children doing their school trips and very few backpackers. i was chatting to someone in the dorm yesterday and we both agree that when the children leave and the hostel is quiet, although it is very safe, it feels soooo eerie and really reminds us both of the movie "The Shining"!!!! i couldnt help thinking bout the movie and jack nicholson when i was trying to fall asleep the first night cos the hostel is set out in the forest area and it feels a bit too quiet for me! so im glad to be moving soon to the bigger cities for a bit more life! I have absolutely enjoyed it here and glad to have come, but also glad to know iv got more lively activities starting soon again.

oh yes, check out the comments on the pastry balls that i bought as well as the girl Jenny that i met in luxembourg but i have only just uploaded the photo of her and her absolutely minute backpack!! wow, that girl travels light!
i also checked out a stunning christmas market in a shop yesterday, german people seem to love the tiny tiny ornaments and there were seriously thousands of them in this shop! i also loved checking out the cuckoo clocks.




alrighty then...im off to lake constanz, meersburg for two days, and gonna stop at furstenburg brewery on the way = yay!!
PS thanks bob for all the comments and for reading the blog, and yes, that funky shower was in a hostel and it was in freiburg = super cool!

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arrived in titisee

right on the lake and very pretty!!

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arrived in titisee and it is stunning here, but just a bit misty which is a shame, but it is the first day since arriving in europe that the sun hasnt been shining brightly!
just a quickie to check in and to send a couple photos.

oh yes, went on a super long walk yesterday through freiburg and close towns and then finally ended up on a long 16minute steep cable car all the way to the top of a mountain. absolutely amazing views and a great day out but i was knacked by the end of it. also enjoyed the hostel a lot, so bohemian like i said before. chatted to a few travellers, met a cool japanese guy who was studying in freiburg, speaks german, french and swedish = wow! anyhoo, check out the photos and ill write later = cheeeeers!



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Hiking in Freiburg

Im unfit!

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Hello again

well yesterday i did a cool walk up the hills in freiburg and had a fantastic view of the whole city. one section i walked up a big high tower and the last flight was one person at a time and it was sooooo high the whole staircase wobbled in the wind. i have definitely cultivated a fear of hights after the rollercoaster rides at 110 stories high in vegas, so i had to climb down in a real hurry! it reminded me of my sister in belgium, when we went up in a really high air balloon thing and she went white and started to grip the railings saying "i wanna get down i wanna get down!!" it was hysterical at the time, but now i now how she feels!

the mountains are absolutely stunning and i think, instead of calling it black forest, they should call it "brocolli forest" cos the forests are such a deep rich green colour and it totally looks like millions of heads of brocolli.

and i went to the open market here in freiburg and it was totally fascinating to me. there were so many stalls and so many colours and varieties of fruits, veggies, cheeses, breads, meats, toys, etc etc and although there were stacks of people, it was very civilised and no one pushed or pulled at eachother and everyone patiently waited their turn. not something you always see in africa!

and the weather was great too = i had a strapless top on and i had to put suntan cream on = yay!!!

ill try upload some photos now


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Sun in Freiburg

very warm!

sunny 22 °C
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going for a quick walk in freiburg, soooo stunning, i love the quaint architecture and the open food markets. chat later!
PS check out my photos

PPS check out the funky shower in my hostel = totally cool hey!!


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