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AKA mini Rome!

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well i was totally exhausted by the time that I arrived in Vienna. Had an early night and was even lazier in the morning cos i just got totally stuck into a second hand book that i had bought in prague and only got out to see the city in the afternoon. it is so beautiful and really reminds me of Rome!


but i was lazy and only saw a few main streets, then plonked myself down in a really lush green park...and read my book!

on the way back, i saw the absolutely coolest protest. i obviously couldnt read the signs but i assume the hundreds of people were there in order to promote legalisation of pot/dagga...cos everyone was totally stoned! the music was absolutely thumping from huge trucks and everyone looking like bob marley brother or sister was, in a very slow exaggerated way, trying to rave to the music and hold up banners but they looked like they might pass out at any second - very cool! and the people were sooo friendly - i would ask for photos and they would happily pose with their beers and their posters.



then had lots of drinks in the funky bar in the hostel...another late night!

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Go Praha!!

having a bit of a party really!

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so prague definitely picked up. the first day was very gloomy and did a walking tour round the city. however, the next day was lovely and i spent the day wondering round the prague market and the streets. really lovely. im not hundred percent sure on all of prague at the moment, if you are travelling here sometime soon and wanna find out more of the ins and outs, email me and i will let you know some of my somewhat negative experiences as well.

the first day was gloomy.


same bridge but the next day in the sun!


although i didnt enjoy all aspects of prague, the hostel and people i met really made up for things! i met a very cool hippie ozzie girl, mel, and a few other great people. we made the most of the happy hour specials with the delicious local beer and had a big party really. we met some crazy loud punk rocker germans who kept us entertained all night = see the pics! and later we met some cool american dudes too (ken/vince vaughn/etc).

i have put more pics down than i usually do cos mel didnt have a camera with her so i thought i better put most of the better pics down!











oh...and i made the serious mistake of not packing the night before i left and woke up really early to catch my train and didnt wanna pack inside the room as i was gonna wake everyone up. so dragged ALL my stuff outside into the area where the bathrooms were. but started to block up the rooms so dragged it ALL to the staircase and tried to shower, change, organise and pack my stuff in such an inconvenient place. once again ... unprepared!!! so next time, ill pack the night before for definite!!

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...off to a rocky start!

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well i havent written in a while and i got a bit of catching up to do. arrived late in czech republic last night and got off to a bit of a rocky start cos the train terminated unexpectedly at a different station late at night and had a few problems with cash, but finally got it sorted and met a couple who was going to the same hostel as me, so i tagged along with them thank goodness!
my hostel sucked, so i moved out early this morning but i missed a part out of the directions to the new hostel and didnt realise i had to catch a tram for two stops and ended up walking the whole section and was cussing and cursing and flippin sweating and dying of the freakin pain of my backpack (the bloody heavy thing - i hate it and have started to call it 'Beast'). as you can tell i havent really gotten over the experience of my czech arrival yet!
anyhoo, going on a walking tour now so it should be ok. chat later!

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totally cool!

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so i had a fantastic time in salzburg, despite the crappy weather. i arrived late afternoon and went to the bar at the place i was staying at and had a couple pints and met some cool people. one of the people was a travel writer for one of the well known backpacking guides and he was updating info on austria and had a few sites to cover the next day and invited me to tag along to check out some things in the surrounding area which was very cool! was interesting to see one day in the life of a travel writer (who has travelled to about 90 countries) - but he wasnt as weird and quirky as that famous british dude who reviews places all over the world - do you know who im talking bout??

i then checked out the local salzburg sites the next day (yesterday) and headed off to prague. im was so unprepared though! i just rocked up at the station and then found out i had to wait bout 3 hours to get a train and the train would be 7.5 hours long! sometimes travelling sucks, but even more so when you are unprepared!

no photos for the blog cos i didnt have an extra memory card for my camera and still need to buy one!

anyway, had a great time in salzburg and would recommend it

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...Dachau concentration camp and funky beer gardens

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so arrived in munich on friday afternoon and had a good wander around. its a cool funky lively place and had lots of fun there. also had great weather which helps hugely.



so on saturday i went on a tour through Dachau concentration camp which was a great but somber experience. this is the concentration camp which started 6 years before WW2 and was used as a model for further concentration camps.




after the tour, i went with some people to one of munich's largest gardens and in the centre, there is a huge beer garden which is really fantastic!!


you can get a litre of beer and its totally cheap. i have to say that in the past i havent been a beer drinker at all but a vodka gal. but cos of the cost and cos the beer, i think, is great, iv taken to drinking pints! but i have to say im scared of the huge ass i might grow and iv already got a huge pack to carry round!




so all in all, had a great time in munich and would recommend it - im still feeling total regret bout not making it to berlin, but at least had an experience with a bigger german city.

iv loved germany and its become one of my favourite countries to travel through - go for it yourself!!

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