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David, Tom and Ljubljana!!

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so we made it to ljubljana, slovenia and met up with friends of friends (chris and vivien from the UK). david gave us a great tour of the really quaint and pretty ljubljana. and the weather was sooo hot! also managed to catch sundowners on the river before heading up to lake bled.



so thanks so much to david and tom for the tour and also all the other help = was so great to meet you guys = come visit us in cape town ok!!

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Loving Croatia

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hi again!
so i think Croatia is fantastic. the people are sooo friendly and helpful. we had a great boat trip along the coast and the next day we went to kastav on a day trip and it was really beautiful.




also, had a great local dinner on our last night, it was a goulash type thing with small dumplings. Very similar to the slovakian food i ate and yummy!!


i have to say that its great to have my own personal chef and masseus with me!! my mom is in charge of the food and when we have been using self-catering apartments, then she cooks up a storm with the most menial ingredients. and i have been having a lot of problems with lower back pain so every morning and evening she gives hectic physio type massages with my beloved deep heat!!

so we have had a fantastic time in croatia, far too short, and just a glimpse really. so i hope to come up here sometime again and go all the way along the coast and hit more of the beach i think!

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arrived in Croatia...finally!

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soooo we made it!!!!!!! i cant believe it. seriously, leaving hungary was one of the most difficult departures i have ever had to make. the last one i really struggled with was leaving a very small and isolated village in indonesia. and the level of difficulty was similar in heviz...seriously!

so from Heviz, Hungary, my mom and i caught a taxi to the bus station, instead of walking and catching a bus to the station, and then proceeded to book the tickets. the lady did not speak one word of english and yes, i really sharpened up my charades and pictionary skills! i am a pro now! it took about 30 minutes to book two tickets, everything was done via pictures and pointing, the lady did not once use her computer but fingered through various books, leaving her desk and coming back numerous times and i just thought....im never gonna leave this country!!!! finally got the tickets and it took us a tram ride, train ride, train ride, bus ride and another bus ride, car ride to arrive at our destination....the absolutely stunning volosko, croatia!!




the people are amazing, so friendly, efficient, helpful, can speak english. the place is beatiful, and neighbouring town is very larny, smart, trendy and very italian actually. lots of vibe and smells of sea food and steak at night, lots of music. fantastic.

our apartment is great too. going on a boat trip now!

catch you later ok.


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Hungarian Disaster

not our cuppa tea!

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hi there!

so i found my mom safe and sound and alive and kicking in the bussle of budapest (pest side)! she made it with no problems which was a relief to me and im sure my dad back home. our apartment was fantastic and i would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting there EXCEPT for our hideous view - cranes, derelict buildings and chemical loos!





we did a quick tour of budapest and then headed off to heviz, on a thermal lake, meant to be stunning according to all the reviews.

however...so far...and i know this is a public blog and iv gotta be really careful bout what i say about countries and cultures...oh what the hell...ill be honest!!! bring on the bad comments from readers!! i am really not enjoying it in hungary. not at all. i find the people very brash, impatient and rude and english, which is not their fault at all, is really not spoken here. i mean nothing niks nada!! it is extremely difficult to get around outside of main cities where german would be the second language spoken here.

can i quickly tell you a quick story from today. soooo, i wanted to buy train tickets to rijeka, croatia, where we are headed tomorrow. i couldnt do it on the net and couldnt do it in the town where we were staying, so i caught a bus to the town that should sell the tickets. on the buses though, like many in the uk, there werent any signs or announcements or anything to tell me where i should get off. so i went to the driver and said "train station?" and he was like what??? so eventually after many attempts, i pulled an imaginary rope above my head and shouted "TOOT TOOT!!" and he was like aaahh!

got off and went to ticket office. no one spoke english and didnt try help. i was pointing to the places we needed to get to and the lady kept on waving her hands, shrugging her shoulders, shaking her head and speaking in a really loud voice and i was like "please please i need a ticket!". in the end, i gave up and didnt know what to do. went to a small information place and no one spoke english. so i wondered bout the town, with no map, trying to find a tourist info. when i finally got there, a lady spoke to me in broken english that the smaller train stations employ only one person who deals with all international tickets and who may speak english, and they only work every second day and when they arent there, you cant buy a ticket!!!! and there is a website, but it doesnt work!!! and i was like...what the bloody hell is this?????

so got the bus back and went to a different tourist office. and stayed there an hour while they tried to help me and made about 6 calls trying to get info. she got hold of one guy who said that there was someone in his office that could do international online tickets, but he had gone home so i was out of luck really!! what, i ask you, is that all about? in africa yes, in europe, i think not. but clearly i was expected more and i shouldnt have.

so my mom and i are going to the station tomorrow, only hoping that the one lady who can sell us tickets, isnt off sick or having her hair dyed!

we have both found people, not all but definitely most, to be very dismissive, impatient and rude. so we havent enjoyed it although it seems to be a pretty country. also, the thermal lake wasnt nice at all compared to the stunning one i went to in meersburg, germany. so that was the main reason for coming here, and my mom and i spent a whole twenty minutes in the water and we were out and said "at least we have done it!".

so if you thinking bout coming to hungary, either be fluent in german, or head only to budapest and bigger cities. and remember book our outbound ticket before you arrive cos things like internet and good service doesnt appear to be a popular thing here!

so we hope to be in croatia tomorrow night but it may not be a definite thing ... we will see ... keep your fingers crossed for us ok!

PS the place we are staying at though is stunning, we recommend it totally = hotel prestige!! that has been our redeeming factor here in heviz.

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then headed over to Bratislava for a night. was ok but not that much happening. just one pretty square in the town. if i had more time, i would have done southern poland and the mountain areas of northern slovakia which is meant to be pretty.

oh hell, another flag for my world map so thats what reeeealllly counts in travelling ;)

got some serious shut-eye as i was meeting my mom the next day!

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