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WOOHOO!!!! NUMBER 37! my arrival into portugal

Yes...my strange obsession is kicking in!

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so...iv made it to magic number 37!! magic only because i say it can be magic cos 37 is magic to me :)
i know i am such a dork and have counted this out and have previously stuck drawing pins into a big world map to mark which countries iv been to...and now that iv arrived in portugal, my last new unchartered european country for a while, iv decided to tally up my country count and its reached 37 (the countries iv visited, other than south africa of course). not many countries to some and probably wouldnt mean much to other people, but to me, the lowly saffa, im ecstatic!



anyhoo, we had an absolutely wonderful time in porto = i highly recommend it! its a very old city built around the river douro and its very quaint. i fell in love with it big style! and the weather was fantastic. very hot which made the short porto experience even better.

we stayed in a bit of luxury, which if you ever go to porto, you must stay in. its called Douro Guesthouse with Carmen and Jaoa, an amazing couple who gave us silver service but in a totally down to earth friendly way. fantastic. We stayed right on the river, perfect location and these pics are the view from just outside the pension. Stitch the pics together for a make-do panoramic view of the river at night. iv done an absolutely awful job of the wanna-be stitching panoramic shots but it gives you a general idea anyway. i hate my stupid plain camera = i want a brilliant clever one (or maybe i am just a terrible photographer more like!!)


we also went on a cool boat trip and checked out the river. had a couple great local meals and checked out a very cool port cellar (loads of port cellars around, hence the name Porto or Oporto!).


DSCN5611.jpg DSCN5612.jpg


i loved the little old streets and cramped houses and little balconies with flowers and laundry hanging up stories high, the people didnt really like pics being taken when i politely asked them, so only got one. lost my confidence after the one pic unfortunately. will resume taking up close and personal people pics when im in africa!



so thoroughly enjoyed porto...go there ok - check it out!

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A quick trip into Barcelona

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hi again!
so we spent a couple days in barcelona...was pretty cool. the city is very big and lively, mix of lovely old and pretty ugly new architecture, along the coast and very busy and loud!

we stayed in a cool pension but seriously...it was sooo noisy - barcelona style i guess!

we had cool meals, one being sangria and paella lunch special (but the paella was a veggie one...only a few beans in it!) and took the bus tour again as the city is so big.


did a lot of browsing round and came across a massive indoor market with loads of fruit, veggies, meat, fish, sweets, etc etc being sold and i fell in love with it!! humour me cos im gonna put some really boring photos down for you to check out!

DSCN5553.jpg DSCN5534.jpg DSCN5531.jpg DSCN5557.jpg DSCN5560.jpg

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Sun in San Sebastian!


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so just a quickie to say we finally have some good hot sun in San Sebastian! Had a great walk on the beaches and the place just seems better when the sky is blue and the temperature is up. Thought i would show you some pics!




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Spanish hunger strike & afternoon in France!

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so we arrived safe and sound in san sebastian, spain, a couple days ago. we flew in on a connection from barcelona on a tiny tiny plane (50 seater) with a propellers on the wings - totally cool. san sebastian is on the coast and quite a big, vibey, lively, loud coastal city. lots of surfers here too. the only thing is that the weather has not been that great so that always puts a damper on things i find.

oh yes...and yesterday, there was a serious strike throughout the city and all the shops were closed! the problem was that we didnt have proper food with us, the pension is self catering, and we had to eat our emergency supplies for breakfast and lunch and were absolutely dying of hunger by the time dinner came and everything was closed!


so we had to beg for food from our housekeeper at the pension, using charades again as she didnt understand english. so we managed to get a meal ... phew! i walked around later that night trying to find a cafee or a vending machine or something so i could buy a stupid chocolate, and seriously the place was so deserted and everything shut, it totally reminded me of the will smith film "I am Legend"!

then today, thank goodness the shops opened up again and the town has come alive. we went for an afternoon trip into the southern coast of france, a cool buzzing town of biarritz and we were lucky cos there was a cultural festival going on so the atmosphere was great. AND my mom bought me a fantastic mother of pearl silver ring today = what a treat! its stunning!





oh yes, here is a photo of our last night in Lake Bled - so pretty!



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Stunning Lake Bled!

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so we arrived late last night, totally exhausted, and the place we staying at is right in the mountains and is on a farm, really smells like a farm too!! weve just been walking round the lake, so pretty cos its really emerald green and surrounded by the alps which have a little bit of snow on it. i think we gonna do some more walking today and maybe a dorky but sweet little train trip round the lake! tomorrow we have a hike scheduled through some cool gorge = hope we make it alive!!



ok, not loads of news, but thought i would keep updating and sending pics just in case you are thinking of which parts of europe you may wanna check out one day, if you havent already been there!!

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